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This certificate is designed for all students interested in increasing their knowledge of the Anishinaabe people, language, and culture.

Anishinaabe Certificate
Required Courses
AMIN 1050 Anishinaabeg of Lake Superior
AMIN 2001 Federal Laws and the American Indian
ANSH 1001 Introduction to Anishinaabe Language
ANTH 1001 Introduction to American Indian Studies
Total credits required: 13

Selected Course Descriptions
AMIN 1050 Anishinaabeg of Lake Superior
This course explores the past and contemporary history of the Anishinaabeg people of the Lake Superior region, including the migration to the area, conflicts and treaties, customs, and the spiritual and philosophical perspectives of the culture. The course includes a focus on local history of the Fond du Lac Reservation and Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College, as well as an exploration of contemporary urban and reservation life as it pertains to the area. This course is a degree requirement for all students entering Fall 2001 and after.

ArtworkAMIN 2001 Federal Laws and the American Indian
An initial examination of the history of the United States Government’s relationship with American Indian people as reflected in federal laws. Issues and topics covered include sovereignty, treaties, U.S. Supreme Court case law, and federal statutes. Course will cover the time period between the 1500s and 1950s. Contemporary issues and recent court decisions and how they affect present day situations will also be explored.

ANSH 1001 Introduction to Anishinaabe Language
This course will introduce students to the Anishinaabe language. Conversational and writing skills will be learned, leading to an oral presentation. Analysis of sentence structure will be utilized in attaining an understanding of the complexity and beauty of the Anishinaabe language. Students will write and speak simple sentences.

ANTH 1001 Introduction to American Indian Studies
This course will look at the various American Indian cultures of North America. North American prehistory and the historic period from contact to the present will be addressed. Indian history, religion, and philosophy will be studied with an emphasis on the Anishinaabe people of Minnesota.

Degree requirements and courses are subject to change. Students should consult with an advisor/counselor when registering for courses.

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