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Computer Forensics

This certificate focuses on what law enforcement students need to know to extend their crime scene investigation skills from the physical world to the virtual world.

Computer Forensics Certificate
Required Courses
CSCI 1072/LAWE 1072 E-Crime Detection and Prosecution Issues
CSCI 1074 Introduction to Computer Forensics
CSCI 1076 Identity Theft
CSCI 2074 Computer Crime Scene Investigation
CSCI 2076 Tools and Tactics of the Black Hat Hacker
CSCI 2078 Advanced Computer Forensics

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Course Descriptions
CSCI 1072/LAWE 1072 E-Crime: Detection and Prosecution Issues
This course is an introduction to the current topics in computer crime, the issues involved in investigation of these crimes, and the corporate perspective of these crimes-how corporate America views them and investigates them.

Students in computer labCSCI 1074 Introduction to Computer Forensics
This course will provide a deeper look at how security is handled in the corporate environment. The course covers the tools and technology of forensics investigation at a very basic level. This course is an introduction to computer forensics for anyone wishing to enter the degree program, certificate program, or simply to determine whether or not
forensics is of interest.

CSCI 1076 Identity Theft
This course is an introduction to one of the most talked about crimes of the millennium. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes, exacerbated by the Internet. The amount of information found in dumpsters, trash cans, PCs, and on the Internet provides criminals with all of the elements needed to assume someone else’s identity.

CSCI 2074 Computer Crime Scene Investigation
This course will provide the student with the skills to organize, implement and work to completion, a computer crime scene investigation. This course will cover computer crime scenes, how to preserve the evidence, tools that can enhance the investigation, and how to follow the virtual leads that the systems will give out to try and find the perpetrator.

CSCI 2076 Tools and Tactics of the Black Hat Hacker
This course is designed to identify the types of tools hackers use to access a system. Those trying to thwart these criminals can also use these tools to gather evidence and investigate the alleged crime. This course will show the student what tactics the hackers use to gain entry, how some of the tools used in the attacks can also be used to investigate the crimes, and how to set the trap for hackers in an attempt to not only catch them, but to watch them work before releasing the trap to gain additional knowledge on the dark underworld of the Black Hat Community.

Degree requirements and courses are subject to change. Students should consult with an advisor/counselor when registering for courses.

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