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The Finance Certificate program is an excellent option for students interested in pursuing or advancing a career in the banking and finance industry.

Certificates provide focused training in specialized areas. Certificates are designed to be completed in a short period of time and are based on entry-level business concepts and skills. Certificates are part of the two-year associate degree plans.

Finance Certificate
Required Courses
BUS 1064 Customer Service
BUS 2036 Money and Banking
BUS 2037 Topics in Finance
BUS 2038 Financial Statement Analysis
MKTG 1020 Small Business Management
MKTG 1030 Salesmanship
Total credits required: 15

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Course Descriptions
BUS 1064 Customer Service
The purpose of this course is to develop the student’s ability to treat customers properly and respectfully. Topics include: telephone courtesy, listening under pressure, assertive problem solving, dealing with the irate customer, winning customers through service, and games customers and customer service people play

BUS 2036 Money and Banking
An exploration of the role of financial institutions and markets with discussions regarding the Federal Reserve system and its control of the commercial banking system, monetary theory and policy, and international economics.

Student with GPSBUS 2037 Topics in Finance
The course will examine the basic financial management of tribal organizations. An extensive examination of historical documents; treaties, acts of Congress, etc. will be presented to ensure the student’s understanding of the unique relationship that exists between American Indian tribes and federal government. Topics of discussion will also include a comparison of tribal and non-tribal organizations.

BUS 2038 Financial Statement Analysis
This course covers the basic principles used in analyzing borrower financial statements and budgets as performed by a credit analyst. Upon completion the student will be proficient in reading and analyzing financial statements. Topics include analysis of income statements, balance sheets, funds flow, risk, cash flow projections, capital accounts and financial ratios.

MKTG 1020 Small Business Management
This course stresses basic techniques in starting or buying a small business and successful operating procedures. The course includes financial planning, location, decision making, cost analysis, marketing, labor budgets, advertising, plus problems of stock control, taxes, and insurance.

MKTG 1030 Salesmanship
The principles and techniques of salesmanship are stressed along with a study of customer buying, behavior, and motivational theories. This course is designed to show the importance of personal selling as an integral component of the marketing mix.

Degree requirements and courses are subject to change. Students should consult with an advisor/counselor when registering for courses.

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