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Geographic Information Systems and Visualization

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Visualization is a computer-based, data processing tool for gathering, storing, manipulating, analyzing, and displaying spatial data. The goal of the certificate programs at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College is to prepare students for entry-level employment competence in GIS and visualization tasks, and provide continuing education opportunities for current professionals interested in adding job-specific knowledge and skills in GIS.

The GIS and Visualization certificate program will provide specialized training in a highly technical environment, featuring extensive use of computers. Students will learn techniques such as computer application, database management, data acquisition, GIS and GPS technology, computerized mapping and cartography, visualization of spatial data, and GIS project management.

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Required Courses
GEOG 1050 Introduction to GIS
GEOG 1052 Computer Cartography
GEOG 1054 Introduction to the GPS
GEOG 1056 Data Acquisition in GIS
GEOG 2050 Practical Applications in GIS
GEOG 2052 Visualization in GIS
Total Credits required: 16

Selected Course Descriptions
GEOG 1050 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
This course will introduce concepts of GIS theory. Hands-on applications will be used, primarily consisting of ArcGIS software. Students will complete lab assignments within appropriate topics and fields. Topics could range from land use analysis to crime analysis. Other topics may be explored as necessary and as deemed appropriate by the instructor.

GEOG 1052 Computer Cartography
Students will apply principles and techniques using computer software to produce effective thematic maps. Both qualitative and quantitative types of thematic maps will be examined and created.

GEOG 1054 Introduction to the Global Positioning System
This course will give student knowledge of the Global Positioning System (GPS) with both conceptual and hands-on applications. GIS software and real-world applications will also be introduced.

GEOG 1056 Data Acquisition in GIS
Students will learn about and engage in the acquisition, conversion, and creation of digital data. Equipment used will include but not be limited to digitizers, scanners, utilization of remote sensing data, and a Global Positioning System (GPS).

GEOG 2050 Practical Applications in GIS
This course will give students either a real-world project using GIS in conjunction with a public/private agency or a project suitable to the student’s field of interest. The instructor must approve all independent projects before the student begins working on it.

GEOG 2052 Visualization in GIS
In this course, students will examine and apply 3-D GIS technology. Students will use ArcGIS software along with the 3-D Analyst extension. Additionally, students will utilize a GeoWall for 3-D visualization.

Degree requirements and courses are subject to change. Students should consult with an advisor/counselor when registering for courses.

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