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Home Health Aid
with Cultural Diversity Component

This short-term sequence is designed to prepare students for employment as registered nursing assistants.

Home Health Aide Certificate
Required Courses
HLTH 1001 Introduction to Nursing
HLTH 1002 Home Health Aid
ANTH 1005 Cultural Diversity Workshop
Total credits required: 5

Nurse walking down hallway

Course Descriptions
Nurse pushing patient in wheelchairHLTH 1001 Introduction to Nursing
This course introduces the concepts of basic human needs, health/illness continuum and basic nursing skills. It is designed to prepare the student for entry level employment as a Nursing Assistant and serves as an introduction to the nursing sequence for students who decide to advance in the nursing profession. This course meets the Minnesota Department of Health requirements. Successful completion of this course prepares students for the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Test-out. Students must take the state test to be registered as a Nurse Assistant.

HLTH 1002 Home Health Aid
This course is designed to instruct students in the application of basic nursing principles when caring for the client at home. This course continues from the 84-hour Introduction to Nursing (HLTH 1001) course. Students are prepared for entry-level employment. Successful completion of the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Test-out is required for a Home Health Certificate.

ANTH 1005 Cultural Diversity
This course is designed to help students understand cultural differences that exist and multiculturalism as it relates to the world today. The course offers an overview of cultural structure and context as it relates to people of different cultures, and provides a hands-on experience to aid in the understanding of other cultures. Course topics include terms that relate to cultural diversity, multiculturalism in the workplace, differences that exist between cultures and the problems that arise as a result of these differences, and general principles for cultural sensitivity.

Degree requirements and courses are subject to change. Students should consult with an advisor/counselor when registering for courses.

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