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Management Development

The Management Development Certificate is designed to develop the knowledge and skills needed by today’s managers. The certificate is intended for people who hold management positions, and for people seeking new careers as supervisors, managers, or small business owners.

Certificates provide focused training in specialized areas. Certificates are designed to be completed in a short period of time and are based on entry-level business concepts and skills. Certificates are part of the two-year associate degree plans.

Management Development Certificate
Required Courses
BUS 2020 Principles of Management
BUS 2030 Personnel Administration and Supervision
CSCI 1001 Computer Literacy
MKTG 1035 Sales Promotion and Advertising
Total credits required: 11
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Course Descriptions
BUS 2020 Principles of Management
A broad-based course in management fundamentals as they apply to management as a career. Includes the study of current philosophies and approaches as they apply to the successful practice of this profession. This course is designed to give a foundation in basic management practices. The course includes a study of current management principles and motivational/leadership skills that may be utilized in the business world

A signBUS 2030 Personnel Administration and Supervision
A study of the policies and practices used in the effective utilization of human resources, including such management functions as selecting staff, training, communication, motivation, and compensation.

CSCI 1001 Computer Literacy
An introduction to computing applications, history, and elementary theory requiring no prior computer experience or knowledge. The basic design of computer systems is covered, and a survey of computing history puts the present and future of computing in perspective. Students have hands-on experience learning using common applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, graphics editors, and Internet tools.

MKTG 1035 Sales Promotion and Advertising
An exploration of merchandising and its relationship to the total marketing efforts of an organization selling goods, services, or ideas. Emphasis is placed on selecting the right appeal, planning, budget, layout, and media selection. The topics studied will enable the student to develop a total advertising campaign.

Certificate requirements and courses are subject to change. Students should consult with an advisor/counselor when registering for courses.

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